Younger + Co: “More Than Furniture”

Younger + Co: “More Than Furniture”

Each line that is brought into the Architect’s Wife showroom has a story to be told. Whether it’s the process something is made, the craftsman behind it, or other qualities that light up our curiosity —  we love sharing what makes something truly distinguished, distinctive and important in its own way. Younger + Co is line we’re proud to carry not only for their superbly crafted furniture, but for the people and their promise that makes them “more than furniture”.

A Quick Look at Younger + Co: 

  • Made in the USA 
  • Family-owned establishment since 1989
  • Styles made to fit any decor style
  • Masterfully bench-made furniture
  • All wood used to build frames comes from forests certified by the sustainable forest initiative
  • All foam is certified CertiPUR.
  • Quick Drop Ship option

Meredith Younger Spell, CEO of Younger + Co and Zack Moldenhauer, VP of Younger + Co, both swore off working in the furniture business. Spell’s father came from working with Thayer Coggin while Moldenhauer’s owned Sam Moore Furniture. After 30 years of watching her father invest his life into Younger Furniture, Spell was presented with the opportunity to carry the legacy forward. From here, Moldenhauer shares details on how 37 year old Spell stepped up to the helm in an industry dominated by third-generation males and shaped what is now Younger + Co.

“Younger is more than just the story of a man named Mike Younger, it’s the story of a company that over the years has welcomed a new generation of female leadership.”


“Meredith wanted to be very intentional with taking on the business and that resonated with me” says Moldenhauer. Shortly after partnering up, the first order of business was reestablishing strong, committed partnerships with retailers – specifically select brick and mortars. The integrity of their product as well as relationships became the primary focus and driver of their vision. Moldenhauer explains that “We don’t like to pull on our suspenders or anything, but we really make a great product and we believe in brick and mortar. If we sell to anyone and everyone in the world, that erodes brick and mortars ability to sell our product. So we really enjoy spaces like The Architect’s Wife where you can find things like Saba, Thayer Coggin and Younger – at a lesser price point – in the same place”.  

“Our vision is to always remain a stable, reliable, and positive force in the lives of our community and the people who choose to work with us”.

To highlight the impact of the people behind the brand,  the company name evolved from simply Younger to the current Younger + Co. They proudly craft high quality custom-made furniture built by hand from start to finish in their factory located in Thomasville, North Carolina. The soft modern designs are made to be easy to live with for the long-haul – no floof that get’s frumpy over time or fussy high maintenance fabrics either. “For those in the furniture business, you can look at Younger + Co and still see the traditional influence of Thayer Coggin” says Moldenhauer. 

“We put just as much thought and care into the craftsmanship of the inside of our furniture as we do the outside”.


The Younger + Co factory is intentional about keeping their story domestic – sourcing everything from within 80 miles. “We have metal parts we could easily import” explains Moldenhauer, “but we choose not to. We pay a little more for them, but they’re made ~4-5 miles down the street. We do our best to support our local craftspeople”. While keeping it local, they also keep their prices affordable. Their built-in quality is every bit equal to (and sometimes better than) what you’ll find in much higher priced pieces. Keeping things local and affordable is righteous cause most folks can get behind, but many manufacturers fall short of doing both. So we asked how they do it.  “We keep our price points low and overhead lean by: Not having sales reps, keeping a select number of quality fabrics, finishes and cushion options” responded Moldenhauer.



Given the current COVID-19 circumstances, the design, manufacturing, and furniture industry as a whole has been disrupted. When asked how Younger + Co is navigating the storm, Modenhauer explains they are “taking heavy precautions and waiting it out just like everyone else”. However, “keeping things local and domestic for our business is a huge priority – more than ever” he says. As far as when the dust settles, “We’re excited to watch everyone rally and come back together and become even stronger from this situation. Not just on a community level, but across the states and globally” Modenhauer says. 

As far as excitement goes from a product standpoint, Modenhauer makes a plug that Younger + Co has been seeing more people respond to things with more shape. “We’re excited to explore things with more shape – beyond your basic track arm sofa” he says. Lastly, Modenhauer adds “I’m excited to see what is next for Meredith – I can’t wait see what the next 10 years bring for her and her creativity. Same goes to Abby [The Architect’s Wife]. Abby is one of the people we point to all the time as an aspirational source – not only as a human but her store, and the work she creates”.



As for The Architect’s Wife, we’re excited to continue working with Younger + Co and share more of their pieces with our community. Stay tuned!

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