Sturdy Brothers: Building an American Dream

Sturdy Brothers: Building an American Dream

It all began in their garage in Thomasville, Georgia. Brothers Benjamin and Spencer Young were on a quest to find the perfect work apron to wear at their coffee shop jobs. After a long, unfruitful search, they decided to make their own.  And, so, the Charles Apron was born. Affectionately named after their grandfather, who grew up in Atlanta, working factory jobs during the depression, the apron is made from sturdy waxed canvas and sourced from material made in the U.S.A. So pleased were they with the results they decided to create a Kickstarter campaign to commercially produce the apron under the name Sturdy Brothers and "rekindle the spirit of American craftsmanship in the South".  They raised $3500 to purchase a leather logo stamp and an industrial sewing machine and dryer.

"In an age where products are no longer made to last, we found the need to return to a higher standard of quality, a quality that we remember being displayed in our grandfather’s work. This is why we make every apron by hand, with the best materials, taking the utmost care. All of our products are brush-waxed with local bees wax for durability (they also smell delicious). The Charles Apron is made for those who are pledging with us to raise the standard of quality in America. It is for the craftsman, the woodworker, the bootmaker, the barber, and anyone who wants to look awesome grilling. We have put our hard work and sweat into this apron, so we can ensure it will hold up to the jobs of those who are still out there getting their hands dirty. We believe the Charles Apron embodies the essence of what we do at Sturdy Brothers, and gives tribute to the Southern Maker."


The Sturdy Brother's tote, handmade and constructed of sturdy waxed canvas. 

Visit our downtown furniture store to check out the Charles Apron and marvel at Ben and Spencer's craftsmanship in person.

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