Stoop Story 09: Molly Douma Brewer

Stoop Story 09: Molly Douma Brewer

The Architect’s Wife has always been focused internally on showcasing our showroom space and the artists, creators, or makers within it. But given the current circumstances, we’re learning to shift our focus and connect with people in new ways. More importantly, we want to shine a light on craftspeople and the creativity they contribute to our community. In this “Stoop Stories” series, The Architect’s Wife visits friends and makers to share how they’re staying in/spired.

Let us introduce you to Molly Douma Brewer. Molly carries a light, bright, spirit that she cranks through her beast of a machine and translates directly into onto paper. Her designs and paper goods can be found in many brick and mortar retailers in Bozeman and beyond + online. To put it simply, she's one of the most effortlessly-cool-gals around town (and spoiler alert: a Telemark Freeski World Champ to boot). We enjoyed the morning touring Molly's backyard studio – mixing up paint, hanging with her pups, and being inspired by the outdoor elements she incorporates into her work. We hope wherever you may be, Molly generates your curiosity into the world that is letterpress, printmaking and personalized paper goods.




Tell us what you do. How did you fall into your craft?

When we were getting married twelve years ago I clued into letterpress printing and we had menus printed on plantable paper. Then we moved from Utah to Montana and I met a letterpress printer from Livingston; she invited me to her studio to watch the process and I fell in love with the whole idea. The long search for a press began then...





What was your first ever job?

Junior soccer coach.





Can you tell us about your creative process? And do you have any funny work habits?

Creative process is fluid –– often for custom work I work with designers so we confer with the client, listen to their ideas, hopes and dreams for their wedding invitations, business cards, stationery, etc and collaborate on a design that works well for letterpress. If I am designing a greeting card, there are no boundaries and anything can happen. It can be a lengthy process > concept > final design > send out for plates > print.





What have you been up to during these quarantine pandemic times? How are you staying sane? Picked up any new hobbies? Any enlightening moments?

Got a puppy! Built a barn/shed. Spent lots of time with my husband and two dogs and luckily kept working.





And how's work looking the moment – are you busy, or is Coronavirus having a big impact?

Pretty busy over here. Riding out the wedding season (typically my busiest) was consuming. Couples were faced with a Tilt a Whirl of logistics and emotions when deciding whether to go forward, postpone or somehow alter their wedding plans. Lots of time was spent discussing changes, options and possibilities and the result is that the 2021 printing season is going to be super duper busy. I've found that people have really enjoyed creating their own note cards and stationery during this time. Snail mail is having a welcome moment and that makes me happy. Also, creating greeting cards makes me happy and I've found new online and brick and mortar retail outlets to sell cards and it's fun to think of them out there in the world.





What's something you've been working on your excited about?

Working on a collaboration with twenty five other printers on a set of cards in honor of women and the 100th anniversary of the passing of the 19th Amendment.







What's something one might not know about you?

My husband BJ and I met skiing and became the 2001 Telemark Freeski World Champions.








Where do you find inspiration?

Inspiration almost always comes from the natural world...outdoors. And anything funny.





What character trait of yours do you think has been the most responsible for your success so far?







Ice Pond Press // @icepondpress




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The Architect’s Wife is focused on sharing togetherness, inspired spaces, and warmth in any capacity we can generate it. Here we shine a light on craftspeople and the creativity they contribute to our community.


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