Employee Q&A: Kathryn Hetherington

Employee Q&A: Kathryn Hetherington

Inside the Montana Motor Supply building – tucked unsuspectingly behind main street in downtown Bozeman, Montana – you’ll find Abby Hetherington and her team. This team consists of designers, saleswomen, operators, project managers, stylists, a token illustrator, a Paul Bunyanesque character that lends muscles to hoist furniture and arrange the showroom floor, amongst others that contribute their unique talents, skills and craft.

For those new to following, Abby Hetherington Interiors (AHI) is housed with its sister company, the Architect’s Wife (AW). Think of AHI as the back of house designers while AW is the the front of house curators.

Here, we share some of the faces behind AHI & AW along with a bit of their backstory. Let us introduce you to Kathryn Hetherington – a true human swiss army knife. Kathryn has been with AHI/AW from when it was just a seed of an idea and has fostered its growth all along the way. We can collectively say that she is the rock who keeps the payroll rolling and the hand sanitizer stocked! 


 . . .



How did you land at AHI/AW?

As controller for both AHI and AW, I was involved from the very beginning.  It all started in 2013 as we worked on a business plan, projections, getting funding, hiring employees, determining software etc and finding a location. Then Abby went to market and made the initial purchases and we were off to the races and it's been a race ever since. 







What is your role?

Anything that touches money- I am involved for both Architect's Wife and Abby Hetherington Interiors.







Where do you find design inspiration?

I have this special person, my daughter Abby, who helps with creativity-- which I lack.






What was your first job?

I first worked in Des Moines Iowa at an insurance company.








Favorite book of all time?

Generally,  I enjoy historical fiction.







What's your guilty pleasure song?

Mamas and Papas.







What's something one might not know about you?

I'm passionate about doing family history --- since the 70's. Research used to be hard, writing letters to courthouses to get copies of documents, but now the internet is an amazing wonderful tool of information.







If you were to pick two things to take home with you today from the Architect's Wife showroom, what would they be?

I love the juniper cribbage boards made locally.




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We 🖤 you, Kathryn!

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