A Welcome from Abby Hetherington

A Welcome from Abby Hetherington

Growing up, I was an extremely tactile kid.

To learn new things, I found I needed to interact with them rather than read about them. I saw space differently, and my curiosity fueled my early creative endeavors.

In retrospect, the Architect’s Wife feels less like a retail venture and more like a natural manifestation to hold all of my favorite things. This store is a mixed bag, from found objects collected along my travels to high-end pieces sourced from coveted vendors. All has been curated with equal parts experience and exuberance.

My design aesthetic veers towards found pieces in upscale residential spaces. I couple order with the unordinary. I embrace structural idiosyncrasies and encourage eclectic statements. Whether acquiring a rare piece of art or picking the perfect fabric, I have a hunger for the hunt, and the walls of this store hold some badass treasure.

What I have come to learn is that my creativity is strengthened and advanced by the creativity of others. Bringing homes to life with a mixture of sourced luxuries and antique rarities gives me the most joy.

A joy—that many have reminded me—should be more openly shared with all of you.

I hope that through this blog and the vision and commentary of my friends, colleagues, and inspirations, you will find a similar joy—a joy that will come to life in the spaces you inhabit. 

Abby Hetherington

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