One Couch, Two Ways

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010916-sofa-furniture-gamma-webIt’s 2016 which means it’s time for a reset!

Out with the old in with the new, as they say. One of our favorite things to do at The Architect’s Wife is to watch the transformation of a key furniture piece by simply swapping out accessories. Switching up the pillows in your living area, the art on your walls, lighting or even a small side table is a great way to refresh your living area look. Our anchor in this room is the Hudson sofa in rich chocolate leather by one of our favorite vendors, Gamma. In the left-hand image, we’ve paired it with some Swiss Army Pillows in orange and black and added a faux sheepskin blanket to accentuate the deep brown tone of the sofa. The armchair that features walnut accents ties in with the brown theme as well.

In in the right-hand image, the Architect’s Wife has pulled gray and brown together. It’s an unlikely pairing, but it totally works thanks to the area rug that has pops of peach and subtle grays as well as brown tones. The silver fox faux fur pillows emphasize the gray/brown pairing and a third pillow that is predominantly silver but with faint hints of brown further prove that a brown/gray combo is a match made in design heaven!

Stop by the shop and let The Architect’s Wife help you create a new look for the new year!