Wonder Plants: Your Urban Jungle II

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The sequel to the bestseller Wonder Plants: even more inspiring ideas for a greener, plant-filled interior. Reveals the latest plant trends. Features green interiors from all over the world. Includes practical tips and a plant index. 

" A luxuriously illustrated coffee-table book, Wonder Plants may have significant side effects. The overload of green interior design might have you grow green with envy and scurry off to a nearby garden centre." - ELLE

The green interiors trend is here to stay. The sequel to bestselling title Wonder Plants, this second volume features even more inspiring ideas for a greener interior. Wonder Plants 2 gathers twenty of the world's best interior designs, each of them urban jungles that will inspires dreams of having an oasis of green at home.

The book ends with a plant index and some useful tips and tricks, as well as an overview of new trends, with explanations by interior design experts.

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