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I am an abstract artist from Belgium (1964). I try to let my work speak to those who like modern minimalist design. My life as an artist began long before I actually started painting. I am an autodidact and I started out creating my first piece of art in 2002.

Mostly I am inspired by nature, with all its different whims, colors and surfaces. By painting layer after layer; I generate a balanced and unflustered composition. While my paintings might be quite untamed, the shades I use are often subtle yet charismatic. If I had to choose one word to describe my art, I would have to say ‘wabi sabi’; a Japanese term for “imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete”.

Spirituality or reality, my fantasy world and my freedom. When I am painting, I am in a meditative state of mind (which is called “a chi kung state of mind”). That is when I feel most balanced. I am in control of my energy, from which I can move slowly and transfer it into flowing movements. A combination of energetic movements, a coherence of strength and softness, with all kinds of materials such as acrylic and charcoal.

My studio is my sanctuary. In my studio I often experiment in a playful and messy way with different tones, different consistencies and mixes of paint and materials. To obtain unique structures in my work, I have crafted my own painting brushes using a wide range of dried tropical leaves, branches and rope.

Mixed media on canvas.

H: 39.5" W: 47.5"

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