Friday’s Auction Action

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Spring! It’s technically here, but as we know in Montana—the seasons are often just suggestions. Anything’s possible—and that’s why we’re auctioning off an indoors weekend fun pack tomorrow at noon!

Shoulder season weather got you down? Simply break out one of the games or puzzle (a pickle!) and presto—blue no more. For a more down-tempo kind of afternoon you can spend some quality time with our Architect’s Wife Colored Pencil set and a Bob Ross coloring book. Either way—your time inside will be well spent. Ready to start bidding? Here’s the details.

Where and when does this go down?
The action gets started at 12pm MST on Friday, March 29 on our Instagram feed @architects_wife. Simply jump on in, give us a follow, and check in after 12 noon on Friday and before 12 noon on Saturday (when the auction ends). Click ‘comment’ on the auction post and leave your information to bid. It’s that simple!

How do I bid?
Bidding opens at 12pm MST on Friday, March 29 and closes at 12pm MST on Saturday, March 30. We’ll start the bidding out at $2, and we’ll see where it goes! To bid, click on the auction post and then just leave a comment. Place a bid at least one dollar higher than the previous bid, and tag the person who placed the previous bid. The post will be open for bidding until noon on Saturday, at which point we’ll close it down and announce the winner.

How do I pay?
You will be sent an invoice from us via PayPal within 24 hours of the end of the auction. You will then have until midnight on Sunday, March 31 to pay the invoice. If you are unable to do so, the item will go to the next highest bidder.

Do you have other questions?
Feel free to reach out via the Instagram app, and we’ll see you out there!