A Fresh Start

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Every once in a while it’s nice to start over. That paradigm certainly plays a part here on the floor at Architect’s Wife—our showroom “flips”, as it were, help keep things fresh and vibrant and interesting and fun. Extending the concept to our website was a very easy step… After a long time with a very static web presence, we’ve relaunched our site with some fun new features and capabilities.

We’re bringing a series of collections to life and featuring a variety of products and furnishings that are now available to order online. It’s a small start, but will be growing as we add more collections to the mix and showcase more of what’s possible here at AW. We hope you enjoy the updated site and find some inspiration!

Check out the four collections below and stay tuned for more!

Cabin Hideaway + Barnstormer + Great Escape + Urban Aerie