Food Truck Fridays: The Fair Maidens of Bozeman’s Newest Fashion Scene

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How do you kill time while you’re waiting for your Tumbleweed’s taco during Food Truck Friday? You shop for clothes, of course! This week the FTF Digest visits with the latest in Bozeman’s mobile mix:  Kelsey Schuerg of  Moda Fashion Truck and Kelley Krekelberg of Vogue Mobile Fashion. They are two of the newest members of Food Truck Friday AND Bozeman’s mobile scene! A visit to these trucks feels like you are stepping in to the ultimate closet (right outside the ultimate furniture store 😉 ). When you read who Kelley and Kelsey’s fashion icons are you will see that the content of their trucks are very true to their individual style: one is drawn to a more edgy look the other classic and clean. Read on to figure out who’s who.


Kelley kicking back on her latest venture – Vogue Mobile Fashion. Her truck is full of fun and funky pieces, which are great for mixing and matching! 

When & How did you get started in the Fashion Truck Biz?

I opened the truck in April 2016. I was perusing Pinterest and found the concept of the fashion truck super intriguing, so I thought, why not?

What’s your signature style?

My signature style is retro bold and colorful. High waisted shorts and crop tops and funky footwear. Anything that is unique and different.


A playful romper, strappy heels and a pop of green. Bold and fun pieces define Kelley’s clothing collection. 

What’s your favorite thing about being in the Fashion Truck Biz?
My favorite thing about owning a fashion truck is that I get to do what I love and I get to dress people up to feel their best!  I also love seeing people push the envelop with their style. It’s really rewarding when a person says oh I could never wear that- then they try it on and look amazing and now it’s now their favorite shirt
Who’s your fashion icon crush?My fashion icon crush is Kendall and Kylie Jenner but Taylor Swift is always a classic.
kylie jenner
 Kylie and Kendall Jenner, two of Kelley’s style icons. Image courtesy of Facebook.
Who is your favorite fashion designer? Well I love Moschino and discount universe. But I also like more classic designers like Ted Baker or BCBG Maxazria. My style is very heavily influenced by the UK style markets!
Do you have a favorite event/venue? (besides the Architect’s Wife of course 🙂 )
 Dry Hills Distillery! Thursday night is ladies’ night!

Where did your truck come from and what did it take to make it operational? My truck came from Minneapolis, MN. It took about 2 weeks of planning and sawing wood to go on the walls and some led lights with metallic peg board. I had everything rennovated in Minneapolis and had it shipped back to Bozeman.


Meet Kelsey, owner of Moda Fashion Truck

 Kelsey Schuerg hangs out in her ultimate “closet”.
When & how did you get started in the Fashion Truck Biz?
Moda Fashion truck has only been on the streets for 6 weeks so far, but the idea came to me in August 2015. I knew I wanted to pursue my own business as a boutique owner but wasn’t sure which avenue would be most cost effective with the least amount of risk. It was my husband who actually said to me “Why don’t you do something like a food truck, but for fashion?” I researched online, and little did I know there are over 500 fashion trucks throughout the U.S.  I reached out to some of those owners and got as much information from them as I could to get started. Fast forward 9 months, and here I am!
What’s your signature style?
My signature style is classic, staple items with the perfect accessory to jazz it up. Something like a little black sheath dress with a scarf or statement necklace. You’ll see this style in my truck with merchandise that almost anyone would feel comfortable and fabulous wearing, no matter their age.
What’s your favorite thing about being in the Fashion Truck Biz?
My favorite part of this whole process so far has been seeing the reactions of customers who come through the truck. For someone who has never been in a fashion truck, it is a fascinating thing when you step up and realize there’s a fitting room, quality clothing, and boutique decor all within a big truck! I have received such wonderful feedback from my customers and the community that it makes my job not feel like a job, but instead a fun day of styling ladies and finding the perfect piece that makes them feel happy and confident.
moda-fashion-truck-8312True to her style: Kelsey’s clothing collection in classic and feminine. 
Do you have a regular perch?
I like to move around! Since I’m still starting out, I like to park in different areas reaching different customers. So far I have LOVED doing private shopping parties where I take the truck to your house or business and you and your friends/employees can shop the truck for a couple hours (and typically there’s wine involved, because why not?).
Who’s your fashion icon crush?
This is a tough one! I would say currently my fashion crush is Olivia Palermo. She brilliantly walks the edge of trend and classic styles. And she’s not afraid of prints or taking risks. She masters putting pieces together that when looking at them separately you would never think they’d go together, and then BAM she creates a killer outfit – all while looking classy and sophisticated.
Olivia Palermo: Kelsey’s fashion icon crush. Image courtesy Facebook
Who’s your favorite fashion designer?
I have always loved Kate Spade ever since I can remember because her collections are always relatable, elegant and classy. That’s my style. A close second would be Alexander McQueen. A more high fashion designer whose work continues to grow even after his death, Alexander’s pieces are so thoughtfully designed with bold lines but soft fabrics that I just swoon over. I mean, Kate Middleton’s wedding dress was Alexander McQueen for goodness sake!
Do you have a favorite event/venue? (besides the Architect’s Wife of course 🙂 )
Of course Architect’s Wife has been my favorite event so far 🙂 but I’ve also been able to meet some awesome women through private events. Like I mentioned before about private shopping parties, it’s one of my favorite things to bring the truck by to a group of women who are ready and excited to shop! Duh! But that way I’m able to spend some one on one time with each of them, getting to know their styles and what their best colors are, what fit feels best on them, etc.
Where did your truck come from?
 My truck hails from Pennsylvania originally.  And with that, came A LOT of rust underneath the truck from salted roads in the winter.  After some patches, a new transmission, and some hard labor from my mechanic, Moda was happy and healthy again! The truck was originally a bread truck with an awesome wood floor (I still have the original floors) and a translucent ceiling. I gave it a pretty hefty face lift when it arrived, including walls, a tin ceiling & electrical work and now it just feels like a beautifully decorated dream closet when you walk in :)!
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