Food Truck Fridays : Meet Mo’Bowls

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Jeff Syc and Jesse Collins pulling the late night shift in The Barmuda Triangle.

There’s a steady stream of Mac ‘n Cheese seekers converging in the Barmuda triangle where brothers Jesse and Tyler Collins have perched there fire-engine red food truck, Mo’Bowls, for the night. They’ll stay in front of the confluence of Bozeman’s most notable late night bars, The Molly BrownScoop Bar, and The Haufbrau  ’til 2 am. It’s shift number 2 for the siblings — earlier that evening they were serving up heaping bowls of made-from-scratch mac-n-cheese and they’re signature dish, Fried  Bacon Mac ‘n Cheese Balls, at Livingston’s Farmer’s Market . It’s a long night, but worth it come October when they switch gears and trade Food Truck life for the ski hill.

The Architect’s Wife had a chance to sit down with Jesse and ask him some questions about Food Truck Life.


When and how did you get started in the food truck business?

Tyler and I had always thought about owning a food truck for a long time. We have both worked in the food industry  I got my feet wet a little bit with Tumbleweeds [Food] Truck when it started and then finally, in 2014 we made it happen.


Getting lost in theThe Barmuda Triangle, Mo’Bowls part-owner, Jesse Collins in the late night groove. 

Why mac & cheese?

Why not mac & cheese? We figured all kids love mac & cheese and when I say that I mean kids from 0 to 100.

What is your favorite bowl?

Our personal favorite on the truck is the red curry bowl. It’s pretty spicy which we love. The most popular bowl would be the double bacon cheeseburger or the Chicken Parmesan Bowl. All of our recipes are original and from scratch.


The Buffalo Bleu Bowl and Mo’Bowls famous Fried Bacon Mac Balls. (So damn good.)

What is your favorite thing about being in the food truck business? I would have to say that one of the best things about this business is working for myself and owning my own business. We also get plenty of entertainment from regulars and the bar crowd.  Not only that, but we get to work next to a lot of other great people who run small businesses as well.

Where is your regular perch? When we first started we kind of got in to the late-night nitch. We still do a lot of late-night gigs, but we have added more daytime service like, Food Truck Fridays at  The Architect’s Wife , Lunch on the Lawn and the Livingston Farmer’s Market  and we LOVE all of the local festivals like Red Ants PantsSlam Festival, Moods of the Madison. It’s so fun to work and listen to music.


It’s all in the wrist. Jesse mixing a fresh bowl of Mac ‘n Cheese. 

Where is the truck from? We bought the truck from Portland and it was hardly finished so my brother built the rest of the truck in the barn at Rocky Creek Farm. When we built the kitchen it felt like a giant puzzle. Every piece of equipment and counter had to fit perfectly in a limited amount of room. It’s a pretty tight space , but we make it work.

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